from "Atlantis - History of the Golden Ages" by EN-MAR - Steve Omar:

A German archaeologist, Jürgen Spanuth, wrote that he went to Egypt, where he deciphered some hieroglyphics telling of a Lost Empire in the North. In 1953, Jürgen found ruins of an ancient city of unknowns on the bottom of the North Sea, and he produced photographic evidence!

During the 1920-30's, German researchers who were exploring ancient Nordic writings became believers in the lost continent of Thule, and the race of Supermen who had existed then during a glorious Golden Age. They were convinced that the Supermen were genetically and culturally the most advanced race in world history, and convinced Hitler and his Inner Circle that the Nazis' Aryan Race descended from the Thule Supermen. These German professors and historians believed that the Hyperboreans had telepathic and cosmic powers, had been destroyed by ice, and that humanity had degenerated.

When Borman, Hitler and his central aides heard this research, they theorized that the Nordic Aryan race in Germany had descended from the Supermen who had once ruled the planet, and therefore the Aryans were the superior race. Hitler mated the ideology that the Third Reich of the Arian Nazis were the return of the Super Race for a future Golden Age.

Remember that Nazi science in the 1930's and 40's was, in many ways, more advanced than in the United States and other nations. The Nazis had rockets, Jet planes, radar, and many weapons BEFORE any other country...and had superior submarines and the first freeways! In 1945 they were experimenting with real flying saucers that were destroyed in Allied bombings, and the inventors burned the blueprints. The conquering Allies were astounded to find crude but working saucers and tried to reproduce them in strict (yet unsuccessful) secrecy, while captured German rocket scientists invented the U.S. Space Program! Yet even more shocking was the diaries of Nazi leaders who seriously based their world plans on literature about Thule, psychic powers, Atlantis, and ancient supermen!

The founders of the Nazis believed that they were destined in create the new Super Race that would rule this planet in the future Golden Age. The Nazi leaders were convinced that all of history was in cycles, consisting of golden ages followed by disasters. Hitler stated that the repetition of history required that to recreate the supermen who had come and gone, the Nazis must exterminate all of the inferior races they believed inhabited the planet. It was their belief that it was the destiny of the Nazis, in the universal plan, to manifest the Age of Aquarius and a new race. They believed Earth was near the end of a Cycle when all nations would again be a polar shift, earthquakes, fire and tidal waves, The Nazis had plans to survive in underground cities in South America, as they believed the Atlanteans had, those who rounded the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans. The Nazis transferred millions of dollars of their gold and secret armies and many scientists to a remote region in Argentina to survive. The infamous genetic experiments on prisoners in Nazi concentration camps were attempts to manipulate genes to create and breed the New Race, which was to be founded by blond, blue-eyed Nazi SS troops.

Hitler sent generals and SS agents to the Himalayan Mountains to try to learn the yogi techniques of mind-over matter for the New Race.

We are not sure how long ago Thule was destroyed. Some ancient writers claim Hyperboreans became so highly evolved over thousands of years that they became transparent beings (is this the teleportation which our own scientists admit will be possible in the future?) We do know that a beautiful chalice made of zinc and silver with intricate inlaid flower designs all "over it" was excavated 15 feet deep in solid rock that geologists confirm was solidified millions of years ago. In 1851, an engineered iron nail was found in Salzburg, Austria in a perfectly formed quartz crystal which geologists said solidified 12 millions years ago.

The Hitler Nazis could have done well with their advanced knowledge, yet they misused it for evil and immoral scientific purposes, much like the Atlanteans had done. They also misused psychic powers, just like the Atlanteans had done!